Cold Air Advisory: Expires 02 JAN 2018 (10:00 AM Eastern)

A private cold air advisory has been issued by Team W700. A private advisory is not in affiliation with any news station, government agency, or other source; it is solely based on opinions and experience of Team W700.

30 DEC 2017 – Valid until 10:00 AM 02 JAN 2018

A private cold air advisory encompasses most of Kentucky, tonight, through the early morning Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

With temperatures that will consistently remain below 20ºF for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and portions of Tuesday, and many times where the temperature may reach as low as 0ºF it is imperative that residents of Kentucky take precautions now; especially those forced to be outside during these temperatures.

Travel Impact: Please give yourself additional travel time to account for warming your vehicle up. Make sure you keep enough fuel in your vehicle in case of an emergency, this will allow you to run your vehicle for heat longer. Additionally, there may be residual ice / salt on roadways which may decrease traction for some vehicles. Use caution!

Home Impact: Make sure pipes that are near exterior walls are left to drip or have proper heated airflow (such as leaving cabinets open).

Pet Impact: Make sure pets are brought indoors. If you suspect cold injuries to an animal, contact your local animal control for assistance.

Special Impact: With the holidays approaching, please keep in mind that alcohol affects your body’s ability to handle colder weather drastically. If you plan on consuming alcohol this holiday and being outside, please take additional measures to keep warm.

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