2018 Team Logs

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January 2018

Community Service
Roadside Assistance: 6 Motorists Helped
Sidewalk Snow Removal: 3.5 Hours
Trash Removal: Bag
Service Miles Driven: 125

Weather Events
Chase Days: 1
Chase Man-Hours: 5
Gallons Used: 3
Chase Miles Driven: 60
Severe T-Storm Intercepts: 2
Tornado Warning Intercepts: 0
Chase Counties: Fayette, Madison

News: (1/02/2018) We are working with Jackson County to build and maintain trails at some county parks.

Update: (1/18/2018) Some team members spent several hours removing snow from sidewalks in Lexington neighborhoods. Just a small way to keep the community safer!

News: (1/22/2018) Team W700 successfully developed a beacon that reports water levels directly to our server! We are working on the front-end now. This is a big deal! Flood safety devices are in the works to keep Kentuckians safe! Special thanks to Tim Bruno for all his hard work in this project!

Update: (1/23/2018) The main chase vehicle was worked on today. Lubricating moving parts, making winter repairs. Some vehicle lettering was damaged by ice storms, and there is minor damage from ice debris to the front bumper that was removed.


February 2018

Community Service
Roadside Assistance: 4 Motorists Helped
Trash Removal: Bag
Service Miles Driven: 260

Weather Events
Chase Days: 3
Chase Man-Hours: 50
Gallons Used: 58
Chase Miles Driven: 1212
Severe T-Storm Intercepts: 14
Tornado Warning Intercepts: 4
Chase Counties: Fayette, Scott, Owen, Franklin, Henry, Carroll, State:(Indiana), State:(Ohio), State:(Tennessee), State:(Arkansas), State:(Missouri)

Weather Event: (2/24/2018) A team of 2 traveled from Lexington, KY to Memphis, TN where we staged for imminent supercell evolution. Once we identified that the incoming cold front from the North West was going to be entering the mix late, we traveled North near Pocahontas, AR. Once we arrived here, we were one of the few teams that were able to get adequately behind the line of storms and were able to intercept several tornado warned areas and severe storms. We followed the line of storms after intercepting them initially. Damage assessments were recorded and forwarded to the NWS Jackson, MS and NWS Memphis. Special thanks to Richard Ibarra for assistance during these events.

Update: (2/25/2018) Damage to the lightbar was sustained after our 22 hour day on a chase that took us through 5 states. We are currently evaluating the extent of the damage, but suspect damage to a controller board.

News: (03/04/2018) The Team W700 Traffic Portal underwent some serious improvements, and is now online in full swing! Navigation has been improved, as well as the addition of several live streams for Lexington.

News: (03/06/2018) The Team W700 Outlook & Climatology Portal is now Online! Check it out!

May 2018

Community Service
Roadside Assistance: 14 Motorists Helped
Trash Removal: Bag
Service Miles Driven: 750

Weather Events
Chase Days: 6
Chase Man-Hours: 48
Gallons Used: 28
Chase Miles Driven: 700
Severe T-Storm Intercepts: 9
Tornado Warning Intercepts: 1
Chase Counties: Fayette, Scott, Owen, Franklin, Jessamine, Bourbon, Clark, Madison, Jackson, Rockcastle

Update: (5/20/2018) Team W700 is in the process of incorporating as Team W700 Weather Solutions, Inc. This will not impact the quality of our service or purpose, rather assist in development of lifesaving products.

Update: (5/27/2018) The old AcuRite sensors have served its lifespan, and we are in the process of upgrading the sensors and mount.