PVT Tornado Advisory #002 (Expires 23:00 EST MAR 9)

09 MAR 2019 – Valid 2PM to 11PM

A private Tornado Advisory is in effect for all of Kentucky. An emphasis on Southwest Kentucky should be strongly noted. Recent models are showing a strong possibility of tornadogenesis. Expect bands of storms, with the potential for damaging winds, brief torrential rain, hail, and possible tornadoes.

Counties advised: ALL (Primary is SW KY)

Travel Impact: Low (Damaged/blocked roads pose a threat to traffic.)
Safety Impact: Moderate
Wind: Moderate
Hail: 3 / 10
Precipitation Amounts: Moderate (Heavy Bands Possible)
Tornadic Activity: 6 / 10 (Moderate)

Wind Statement: Wind events will be likely, with isolated occurrences of 70+ mph gusts, and tornadoes may be possible especially in counties closer to West Tennessee and Arkansas.

Activation: Kentuckians are encouraged to submit reports and photos. You can use Twitter #kywx, #kyvost, and for those in Eastern Kentucky, you can tag @TeamW700

** If someone’s life is in danger, dial 911 **
Overpasses are NOT safe shelters from Wind or Tornadoes!

Travel Impact: Never attempt to drive through flooded roadways. You may not be able to see how deep the water really is, and you or your vehicle could be swept away. Damaged and blocked roads could cause traffic issues and travel hazards.

You can view weather resources and view live traffic conditions at: Weather Resources RWIS

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