Pre-Orders for Vehicle Winter Survival Kits Now Open!


We are currently accepting pre-orders for winter survival kits that you can keep in each of your vehicles.

In the event you become stranded, our kits provide the essentials you need to survive until you can be rescued, or road conditions become safe to drive on again.

The pre-order price is $35, and the kits will be delivered by November 1st, 2019. Offer expires September 13th 2019.
*** All proceeds go towards weather research and safety initiatives across Kentucky ***

Items Included in the Basic Kits:

  • 12 Hours of Emergency Heating Sources
  • 2 MRE’s ( Meals ready to eat: These will last for 5-6 years. )
  • 1 Help/Rescue Flag
  • 2 Mylar Thermal Survival Blankets
  • Matches & Lighter
  • Basic Hand Tools ( Screwdrivers, Etc…)
  • Basic First Aid Items (Bandaids, Alcohol Pads, Etc…)
  • 1 Road Flare
  • 1 Small Flashlight & Batteries

We will also be offering a kit for your home soon! So keep your eyes peeled for that!

To Order, send your $35 minimum to our PayPal: – And send the emailed receipt to with your address.

Additionally, you can send your money to with your address.

Or if you’re not feeling tech savvy, we can also accept money orders. Just email us or send a message to our Twitter @TeamW700

Thank you!

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