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Spotter Resource Map
Team W700's Spotter & Chaser Resource Map


This is a collaborative style map, with many resources for safely navigating severe weather, and finding the best areas. This portal works on mobile devices too!

Current Features:

• Hail Shelters: 427
• Highway Turn-Arounds: 155
• Hurricane Vehicle Shelters: 13
• Storm View Potential Zones

Others include restrooms, nws offices, fire stations, cell towers, dead zones, historic data, tornado siren locations, mesonets, power substations, trailer parks and other vulnerable zones, roads to avoid, storm view potential, and much more.

This is a work in progress, and will take some time before it is fully finished, but for now, feel free to use what we have finished, and feel free to make a request topic here, and we may just add your location! Report bugs here as well.

Known Bugs:


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