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W700 Traffic Portal
Team W700's Traffic Portal

Current Areas Covered:

KY: Lexington, Lexington LIVE, Louisville, Statewide Misc Cameras
TN: Knoxville LIVE 
NJ: Garden State Parkway
WA: Spokane

This is a collection of traffic and other cameras for use during weather events or other needs. We do not own these cameras, it is merely an all-in-one portal for viewing multiple cameras at once. If you have the proper plugins installed, you can even view multiple live feeds at the same time. This portal works on mobile devices too!

If you have a NEST, GoPro, or other streaming weather camera you wish to share with us, let us know below and we'll get it added.

Make a request topic here, and we may just add your location! Report bugs here as well.

Known Bugs:

19-01: Video streaming does not initiate first page load.
FIX: Refresh the page, and the streams should begin to work.

19-02: Some cameras missing location information.
FIX: We are working to remedy this in the near future.

18-03: Lexington area categorical mismatch.
FIX: Fixed

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