Issuance Explanations

Over the course of the year, we may issue “Private” advisories, watches, and warnings that do not coincide with other news agencies, government agencies, or other sources. These are all made with consideration to models, forecasts, and other data collectively.

Most categories do have criteria, but there is a lot of room for human judgement, which allows for information to get through much quicker.

Below you will find the explanations, and current year to date totals.

Thunderstorm Advisory: Issued when conditions are favorable in an area for thunderstorms. Map will be divided based on confidence that storms will go severe enough to become a threat to life or property.

Tornado Advisory: Issued when conditions are favorable for the production of tornadoes. Map will be divided based on areas with most favorable conditions.

Tornado Alert: Issued short-term for possibly emergent situations. While we always report information to the NWS, if we see something in OUR criteria, we will likely issue this alert.
Criteria – At least one of either evidence of a rotating updraft, obvious directional shear consistent with immediate formation, re-tightening of a previously warned cell or history of producing a tornado, or visible debris on radar imaging consistent with one of the above criterion.

Cold Air Advisory: Issued when temperatures are likely to remain at or below 20ºF for more than 24 hours. Issued not by temperatures, but rather probability that an area will remain at or below the threshold.

Winter Weather Advisory: Issued when conditions will be present to create winter precipitation that may impact travel.