The Team

Team W700 is comprised of volunteers who give their time in the hopes of saving lives, protecting property, and bettering the community through outreach, data collection, documenting, and disaster relief efforts.

Currently, the team is comprised of 3 people, a team of spotters, and the chase vehicle is based out of Lexington, KY. The vehicle is the only one in the state that is equipped with the technology to detect tornado formation before it happens within 40 miles of the vehicle in all conditions.

The vehicle is a slightly armored 2013 Mazda2. It has a low profile that allows it to be wind resistant while mobile in all directions up to about 85 mph safely. If stationary, and anchored, we can withstand the winds of an EF1-2 tornado. Anything above that is too much for the vehicle to withstand safely. We typically carry rescue gear, emergency medical supplies, and food and water to help out affected persons.

You should NOT attempt water rescues. This is the job of the Fire Department. Flooding can kill you. Lightning can kill you. Tornados and hail can kill you. Overall, storm chasing is NOT a safe profession and we do our best to discourage spotters from “chasing.”

Debris and hail are our 2 biggest limiting factors. The vehicle is equipped with chainsaws and other safety equipment to move downed trees so that we can continue unobstructed. Hail still limits us at the moment to about 0.50″-0.70″. We are working on hail shields that can be deployed for the 2019 tornado season, that would increase our capability to withstand up to 2-3″ hail.

You can reach the vehicle during chase operations on 148.400 and 448.400 Mhz, No PL, directed at the callsign KY7OOW. We operate at 100 Watts on UHF, and 10 Watts VHF.

Aaron Harris is the team leader and founded Team W700 in 2013. Since then, he has worked on many projects, and experienced all types of weather events across the nation. His passion is flood events, and specializes in public safety and disaster relief. Aaron holds several FEMA certifications, has 8 years past Rescue/EMS experience, and is a HAM Radio Operator in Kentucky.

Timothy Bruno is from North Carolina, but lives in Stanton, KY. Tim is the leader of the Eastern Kentucky VOST Team for the NWS Jackson, and served in the military as a Meteorological Member. Tim also is passionate about life-saving technology by way of advanced flood warning. He will be taking a 13 month assignment from the National Weather Service in Alaska beginning in October, but will remain a vital part of the team.