Weather Preparedness Through Activism

It’s no misconception that we need people to be prepared when disaster strikes. We have to help each other be prepared, because when your neighbor is prepared, or your family, or friends, it places less burden on local resources.

When a winter storm hits, and the grocery store shelves are wiped cleaned, it hurts the community. It puts a strain on the services, and may even keep some people from getting access to essential items.

Buy a snow shovel now, so that you don’t need to fight dangerous road conditions to try and find one.

Buy canned food when it’s on sale, and rotate a small supply of foods that have long shelf lives so that you don’t have to drain resources in a hurry just before a storm hits.

I believe that in helping the community, at all levels, we can form a more weather-ready locale. With ideas that hopefully can spread to other areas, we can truly be a changing force in this community.

That’s why going forward, we are going to really be pushing hard to give back to the community while spreading weather information. We will be starting several new projects this season into 2018 to help the commonwealth and it’s people.

For a list of all programs, check back frequently. If you want to help, please feel free to reach out to myself either on Twitter @SkywarnW700 or using the Contact Link on the website.

November 2017: We handed out dog food near Thanksgiving for animals in need, and for people to add to their emergency prep kits.

December 2017: Several projects planned to help the homeless in Lexington, KY (Our home base), and surrounding counties. Keep checking back for specifics! If you have any blankets, food, water, or other supplies you would like to donate, we use them in these initiatives and during storm relief efforts in the Spring. Please get in touch with us on Twitter.

We will be looking for help from community leaders and local businesses to get some of these programs up and running. Both monetarily and donated goods.